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People we recommend

  • Passion and effort

    We recruit talented persons who have both skills to be able to always make efforts to be the best in the business field, work passionately, and successfully do their duties.

  • Diligence and conscientiousness

    We recruit talented persons who can trust their colleagues in their business based on honesty, sincerely execute their duties, and work positively and healthily.

  • Creative thinking

    We recruit creative and talented persons who break prejudice and freely think with original thinking which is different from other people.

Recruitment process

  • Application review process Application review process
    Application review process

    Evaluation of applicants' competency

  • 1st interview 1st interview
    1st interview

    Interview with working staff

  • 2nd interview 2nd interview
    2nd interview

    Interviews with the executives

  • final pass final pass
    final pass

    Individual notification

  • 01.

    We implement new staff training for successful candidates.

  • 02.

    We give preference to people with superior grades in majors related to duties and capability of foreign language.

  • 03.

    In case of special reasons, we take physical examination or human nature test additionally.