Wastewater Treatment

We provide water treatment technology across all industries with advanced technological capabilities

The water treatment process produces industrial water suitable for various purposes using raw water

We satisfy customers’ needs based on safe and efficient treatment.

We provide effective solutions for you through a wealth of project experience and knowhow.

Project Experience Water treatment facilities

Year Project Name Site
2024 OnSemiconductor UT2 Regen System Capa-up Korea
2021 KPIC NEO-II & KBD Project Side Stream Filter & Condensate Filter Korea
2021 Samsung Electronic Co.,Ltd P-Project Purification plant PH.2 Expansion Piping Construction Korea
2021 LG Display P9 AP4 ToE Make-up System Korea
2020 HPC Project (Package-1) Raw Water Treatment Package (Exisiting HDO #1) Machinery Construction Korea
2020 Samcheok Thermal Power Plant Hypochlorination System Korea
2020 Hyundai Chemical Co., Ltd. HPC Project Raw & Waste Water Treatment Package Korea
2019 Maaden Ammonia Ⅲ Project Electrolysis Package Saudi Arabia
2019 GS Caltex MFC Project Raw/Potable Water Treatment Package Korea
2019 GS Caltex MFC Project CPI Package Korea

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