ESG Management

Ethical management


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  • We are building a transparent organizational culture by adhering to the basics.

    Hansung CleanTech will always maintain an honest and fair attitude, and based on its high ethical values, we will do our best to pursue not only the company's interests but also the social public interest.

  • We are practicing sustainable management through ethical management.

    While performing your duties, comply with all laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. and do not violate your conscience. act, create value for various stakeholders such as customers, partners, and shareholders, and We will take the lead in sustainable future management through transparent corporate activities.

Operating system

  • Establishing ethical awareness

    We strive to establish ethical awareness among all employees.

  • Establishment of management system

    Establish a management system including guidelines

  • Identifying ethical risks

    Identify factors that hinder ethical management

  • Ethical risk control activities

    Once ethical risks are identified, control is carried out.

  • Internal/external reporting system

    Establishing a fair and transparent ethical culture

  • Ethical management monitoring

    We continuously check and inspect ethical management.