Seawater Desalination

We provide a high level of effective and economical technological solutions for the domestic and overseas markets.

The desalination plant is a future technology that creates new opportunities and values for your life
The desalination process is a water treatment process that removes salt and dissolved substances from seawater to get high-purity drinking water and industrial water.
We are securing our competitiveness in the market through domestic and international desalination project achievements.
  • - Pilot for verifying Daesan seawater desalination
  • - Indonesia ZAWA, LINE PJT. Seawater desalination

Project Experience Desalination treatment facilities

Year Project Name Site
2022 LINE Project Seawater Desalination Package Indonesia
2022 Construction of Industrial Waterworks Project in the Daesan Forestry and Marine Industrial Area Korea
2021 JAWA 9&10 Coal Fired Steam Power Plant Project Water Treatment Plant Indonesia

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