Privacy Policy

General Provisions
The term “personal information” means information that can identify a person by data including his/her name and cell phone number included in the applicable information (Even though a specific person cannot be identified with the applicable information, it includes the information that can easily be identified by combining it with other information) as the information on the person who survives. The company (hereinafter referred to as “Hansung Cleantech”) regards your personal information as very important and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Personal Information Protection Act in 『the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection』. Hansung Cleantech informs you of why and how the personal information provided by you is used and measures taken by us to protect it through the Privacy Policy. Hansung Cleantech open the Privacy Policy to the public in the main page of the website to make you read it easily any time. Hansung Cleantech establishes a procedure required for revising the Privacy Policy to continue to improve it. Hansung Cleantech’s Privacy Policy consists of the following contents and is applied when you become a member of Hansung Cleantech through a separate procedure decided by it or brands and its websites or mobile applications.

2. Items and method of collecting personal information
Collection method: We collect personal information when you become a member of Hansung Cleantech in an offline store through a separate procedure decided by it or through a separate consent its website or mobile applications.
"When you become a member in the website, [Required] ① ID ② Name ③ Date of birth ④ Sex ⑤ Password ⑥ E-mail address ⑦ Whether to receive E-mails or not ⑧ Cellphone No. ⑨Whether to receive text messages or not [Optional] ① Address ② Whether to receive DMs (mails, etc.) or not 2) When you become a member in an offline store, [Required] ①Name ②Date of birth ③Sex ④Cellphone No. ⑤Whether to receive text messages or not The following information may be generated and collected in the process to use the services or handle businesses: Service use records, access logs, cookies, access IP information, payment records, and suspension records. Information on race, people, thought and creed, hometown and legal domicile, political inclination and crime records, health condition and sex life, etc. are not collected."

3. Purposes of collecting and using personal information
"① Hansung Cleantech collects minimal information to provide convenient, useful, and customized information for you as the essential point. Name, ID, password, cellphone No., date of birth: Used in the procedure to verify yourself to use the services. Whether to receive e-mails or not and whether to receive e-mails or not: Delivery of notices, security of smooth communication routes including complaints handling, information on services or event information, delivery of event contents, and delivery of benefits for the members. Other options: Materials for providing personalized services"
②In case of collecting personal information of children who are less than 14 years old, Hansung Cleantech checks whether their legal representatives agree to it or not.
③Hansung Cleantech does not use all the information provided by you for uses other than the above purposes and will make sure to ask you for consent when the range, purposes of use, or use of information collected.