ESG Management

Safety & Health Management


  • We fulfill our responsibilities by putting Safety & Health first.

    All the executives and staff members put first among all the decision-making activities and fulfill their responsibilities to make autonomous Safety & Health culture.

  • We comply with regulations and make efforts to create safe working environment.

    We make efforts for enhancing Safety & Health Management by complying with safety and health laws and various regulations and improving knowledge through systematic educational training and fulfill our responsibilities to create safe working conditions which remove danger of causing accidents through risk assessment and consistent activities to improve safety.

Mind Awareness

  • Perception of important activities

    We regard safe health activities as our priority among all the management and decision-making activities.

  • Recognition of absolute values

    We recognize that safety and health are absolute values of respecting men and life.

  • My recognition of safety

    You never forget that you first keep yourself safe.

  • Accident Occurrence

    We do everything the likelihood of serious accidents occurring can completely be removed.

  • Putting actions first.

    We put actions for controlling risk factors first.