Our Services

We will challenge infinite possibilities to become a global company with cutting-edge technology in the area of ultra-pure and industrial water treatment, as well as environmental infrastructure O&M.

01 Ultrapure Water/Pure Water

We will challenge infinite possibilities in the world based on ultrapure water technology, an integration of high-tech technology.

02 Waste Water/recycle

We provide the total solution for you based on construction,
Commissioning, O&M performance, and technological competitiveness of more than 30 years.

03 Water Treatment

We provide services to all industries through our higher level of technological capabilities.

04 Desalination

We provide a high level of effective and economical technological solutions for the domestic and overseas markets.

05 R&D

In order to secure the competitiveness of the next-generation environmental industry market, we are securing differentiated source technologies through the establishment of technology strategies and continuous technology development.

06 Affiliates

We have maximized synergy among Affiliates by building a water treatment platform in the industrial and public sectors.